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Yoga Retreat

Are you ready to take a moment for yourself to emerge into nature? It is with great love that we introduce our individual yoga retreat. Depending on your wishes, we will organize a full week/weekend for you to get acquainted with yoga as a lifestyle. 


Adapted to each individual




Satvic Organic Meals

Natural Environment


Yoga Retreat

It is with great love that we introduce the individual yoga retreat. Depending on your intention, we will organize a full week or weekend for you to get acquainted with yoga as a lifestyle.

Prior to the retreat we have an intake interview so that we can organize the weekend together based on your needs.

You will spend the weekend at the De Denneboom Estate where you can immerse yourself in the natural environment.

All meals are vegetarian, organic, local as much as possible and completely satvic.

What is Satvic?

From the yoga teachings, 3 qualities are discussed that you can use as "glasses". These qualities are; tamas, rajas and satva. Various aspects can be seen as manifestations of these qualities. Tamas is a somewhat heavier, dark, hard quality. Rajas is translated as movement and Satva as light and tranquility. When you embark on the path of Yoga, it is said to consume food that is easily digestible and nourishing, or satvic food.


Enjoy our introductory rate now, which includes; intake + accommodation + meals + personal program


Yoga as a lifestyle. How do you apply that? These are our focus points on which our individual retreats are based.


Elemental Living

Connecting with our nature (within and with our surrounding).


Mental Health

Awareness of our mental activity.

Satsang - meditation


Physical Health

We see if we can be present with our physical state. Here we look at the body and also our nervous system.

Our Services

  • 1 uur

    40 euros

  • Wed, Fri

    1 uur

    15 euros

  • Wed, Sun

    1 uur

    15 euros

  • Fri

    1 uur 15 min

    15 euros

  • 44 uur

    444 euros

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