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For us, yoga is a lifestyle that mainly manifests itself in daily life. That is why we offer yoga at Landgoed de Denneboom in different variants. During an individual weekend retreat you can immerse yourself in the lifestyle of a yogi. Incorporating the integral part of yoga philosophy into daily choices & day-to-day living. We also have weekly group sessions in which we meet on the mat for various exercises. We offer different variants. In addition to group sessions, we also offer individual sessions that are tailored to personal processes. This is ideal when you need specific support for certain challenges, such as recovery & symptoms of pain. In short, something for everyone.

Traditioneel Yoga
with Nik & Keri

Nik Mimpen - Traditional Yoga

Based on yoga from the Kaivhalyadham Institute, Lonavla, where Yoga and science meet. Here, 100 years of scientific research has been done into various traditional Yoga scriptures and they have tailored their Yoga sessions to the results from these studies, so that the most can be achieved from the exercises in the long term to support our development.

The focus is on as much physical and mental relaxation as possible during the asana. When we adopt a yoga pose (asana), we hold it for a moment to see whether we can relax as much as possible, both physically and mentally. After each asana, space is made for integration by completely relaxing the body and head. For example, we will actively work with tension and relaxation and we want to shed light on what happens within ourselves during the movements/exercises.

Every Wednesday 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM & Friday 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM.

'In the yin we step out of the hustle and bustle of the day together. Out of haste, out of action. With various asanas (yoga poses) we turn inward and reflect on what comes up.

We slow down and still to reconnect with what touches you and what is really important to you. Feeling what may be felt and listening with loving attention to what your heart whispers.'


On Wednesday 7:15 PM to 8:15 PM & Sunday 7:15 PM to 8:15 PM.

View the class schedule for exact dates.

Yin Yoga
with Marlous


Elemental Yoga
with Keri

Keri Mukti - Elemental Yoga

Elemental Yoga is a versatile practice with meditation, breathing techniques, yoga flow based on the natural 5 elements; space, air, fire, water & earth, which subtly recur during the practice. The exercises are a fusion of vinyasa exercises with an Ayurvedic twist. Ayur (life)-veda (wisdom/wise) in short stands for a long & healthy way of life. In Ayurveda we look holistically from the elements and different cycles that occur in a moment, such as the season.


Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic form of movement with a variety of asanas to bring body & mind together. Vinyasa means 'connection of movement & breath'. During the Vinyasa exercises we move from pose to pose while you build physical strength, endurance & flexibility.


Yoga & Ayurveda are strongly connected & unite in the Universal Wisdom they bring. From the Ayurvedic perspective, everyone is made up of the elements & each has a different composition, making us all a unique expression of nature. Based on this, everyone also needs different types of food, herbal remedies, lifestyles & yoga exercises to create a balance between our body, mind & head.

With this lesson we will move, connect & look for the natural elements within ourselves in a soft, playful way.

Every Friday 08:30.

Join us!

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Single Session

A single lesson is €15 per group session.


10 trip card

10 group sessions for €111, valid for the whole family.

Book a session

You can book your lesson via the class schedule at the top of the page.

A single lesson is €15 per group session.

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